April 22, 2021

Josh Sinn ex Vampire makes his mark in his draft year

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JOSH Sinn used last year to get organised. As his plans for 2020 nosedived with COVID-19 wiping out his year 12 at Xavier College as well as his hopes of impressing as a bottom-aged player, the talented midfielder set up his preparation for 2021.

After some growing pains with injuries in previous years, he got fit, training regularly and with purpose. And after feeling he had been pushed around at under-16s level, he got bigger, transforming his body and adding 13 kilos in the space of six months.

"It was a year for me to get ready for this year," the 18-year-old told "I understood I would be playing a lot of football this year so it was almost like I tapered off last year to prepare for this one."

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