October 8, 2020

Bayside Council Elections

Jarrod Hall

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Good evening Vampires Community,

Further to our previous correspondence regarding the Bayside Council Elections, the East Brighton Vampires JFC are endorsing the following candidates:

  • Dendy Ward - Michael Heffernan
  • Bleazby Ward - Karen Kimber
  • Castlefield Ward - Rob Grinter
  • Boyd Ward - Craig Francis or Colleen Harkin
  • Ivison Ward - Marlene Johnson
  • Ebden Ward - Laurie Evans
  • Beckett Ward - Clarke Martin

This link allows you to understand your candidates declared agenda:

While the Vampires and community sport in general is non-political the harsh reality is that our future as a healthy and engaged community sports club is determined by the support of the Bayside City Council.  With the Council elections this week, this is our opportunity to use our collective voice and vote for candidates who share similar values and understand the contribution of sport in our community.

With this in mind, we have reviewed the credentials of the candidates and have established a short list of those who will promote and support sporting interests in Bayside. There are around 60 candidates standing. This is the third highest number of candidates for any municipality in Victoria. Many of these candidates do not live in the ward in which they are standing and believe that organised sport takes up too much open space. Many of these candidates believe that our sporting fields are under-utilised and have been "over-invested" in with pavilion upgrades in recent years. Many of the candidates are "dummy" candidates and represent single interest groups who are frankly anti-sport, and do not see the overall benefits of sport. Some of these candidates have declared they support only "passive recreation", which means that reserves are available for use but not by organised community clubs such as the Vampires.

Our values are predicated on our scarce and finite open space being a precious asset to be shared to benefit both passive and active users.  Our community is stronger through the participation and engagement of children, parents and grandparents in our Club contributing to all our physical and mental health. Never has that been more evident than in 2020. Our club's values are founded on Australian Rules Football being accessible to all ages, genders and abilities.

The 2020 Bayside elections could potentially see the election of an anti-sport council.   Let's use our collective voice to ensure this does not happen.

Kind Regards

Jarrod Hall